Your Pet Will Soon Be Able to Initiate Video Chats with You

January 10, 2018
By Shannon Frost Greenstein Tell me if this sounds familiar.  You're getting ready for work, filling your to-go cup with coffee, about to head out the door...and you get that twinge of guilt when you look at Spot or Fluffy, about to spend the whole day alone without any of your love to get through.  Or...let's be could work the other way around. *Crazy cat lady who requires regular, daily affection from her cats say what?* Well, thanks to an update to an app and camera combination called PetCube, that guilt is soon to be a thing of the past.  Not only does PetCube allow you to watch your pet via a camera...and some versions even release treats for your furry friend, or stimulate them with its built-in is launching a new feature in the Spring that allows your cat or dog (or, hell, even a strong lizard or a dexterous parrot) to initiate a video chat with you. The Verge released the news on Twitter on Monday. The PetCube camera will snap a photo of your animal once they are in view, and simultaneously activate the video technology.  The app then sends the photo to your phone as an indication that your pet is in front of the camera and desiring your attention.  You can accept the "call", or reject it but preserve the video to be watched later or shared via Facebook Live. While we may not have known we needed this technology, I think we can ALL agree that it's a better world now that it's soon to exist.  Of course, there's the minor inconvenience of your pet repeatedly trying to summon you during that important business meeting, but frankly, you shouldn't have gotten a pet if you're not willing to interrupt a Power Point presentation with the boss just to tell Fido what a good dog he is. Check out the story from The Verge here!