Philly Patrons Are the Best Tippers in the Nation

January 12, 2018
By Shannon Frost Greenstein Philadelphians, we do NOT deserve the rap we've gotten. Sure, we're rabid about our sports teams.  Yes, we threw snowballs at Santa.  We DID kill Hitchbot, the hitchhiking robot.  But you know what?  Zagat’s annual National Dining Trends survey just came out, and Philadelphians are officially the best tippers in the nation.  And THAT, friends, should outweigh the robot. On average, the typical diner in Philadelphia tips 20.3%.  It's way above the national average of 18.1%, and also surpasses Denver, the second highest tipping city in the survey at 19.5%.  Not only is it great news that the national average has crept above 15%, but we can all be proud for leading the rest of the nation in making that happen. This just proves something about our fair city.  We might be loud and boisterous, but we treat our waitstaff right.  Jobs in the service industry are incredibly tough, and it is heartening to see that we are rewarding our servers and bartenders fairly for their hard work. So the next time someone is getting down on Philadelphia...I really don't think we're going to outlive that robot thing...just tell them that we are generous, that we care about our fellow citizens, and that we recognize their efforts and reward them appropriately. But let's not throw any more snowballs at Santa, just so we don't undo all the progress we've made in terms of the city's image, k?