Dave Matthews Band Announces New Album, Summer Tour

January 16, 2018
By Shannon Frost Greenstein It's gonna be a big year for DMB. They took a break in 2017...understandably...but the Dave Matthew Band is back with HUGE news.  They've announced a new album, due for a summer release, and their 2018 North American tour.  (In case you were counting, this would be the 9th...yes, NINTH...studio album for DMB, though the first since 2012.) So, of course, our first question was, "ARE THEY COMING TO PHILLY???" Well, rest easy, fans, because they are.  On June 15th and 16th, Dave Matthews Band will be at the BB&T Pavilion, and it's going to be an awesome time to be a DMB fan. Let's talk tickets.  They're available via Ticketmaster, and go on sale Friday, February 2nd, at 10 a.m.  That's for the general public, but you VIP fans who are part of the DMB Warehouse Fan Association will be pleased to know there is a presale ALREADY UNDERWAY here. Tickets purchased online will also come with a CD or digital download of the new album, though that offer ends May 17th.  Just to be safe, better get them ASAP.  :) June 15th and 16th, friends, are the big dates, but you don't want to miss that February 2nd on-sale date as well.  This is the show for old Dave fans, new Dave fans, the old-school, the new-school, and the ones who remained consistent all along.  See you at BB&T!