Eagles Fan Pens Open Letter to His Vikings-Supporting In-Laws

January 18, 2018
By Shannon Frost Greenstein If you're of a certain age, you've probably clashed with your in-laws.  It doesn't matter how wonderful they are, it doesn't matter how well you get along...there will naturally be some friction over hot-button topics with your partner's parents. A former-Pennsylvania resident is currently experiencing that exact friction, but it's not over anything like politics, religion, parenthood, or money.  It's about something much more important:  The NFC Championship Game on Sunday. Cody Benjamin is a sports writer, Eagles fan, and former resident of our fair state.  His wife is from Minnesota, where the couple moved once they were engaged.  And his entire wife's family, naturally, being from Minnesota, are rabid Vikings fans. Perhaps you're starting to see the issue. Cody penned an open letter to his wife's parents and siblings, entitled, "An Open Letter to the Vikings Family I Married into."  He writes that, prior to this season, he was perfectly fine with his in-laws' support of the Midwest team, even admiring the similarities between the Vikings and Eagles. Then, of course, came this season.  Then came the Eagles' victory last Saturday.  Then came the NFC Championship game. Now, this Eagles fan in Vikings territory is finding his allegiance to the Birds tested by the current Vikings fervor in Minnesota, and by his in-laws' stance on which team, precisely, should be headed to the Super Bowl. It's a great letter we encourage you to read, but we'd like to borrow the final line to let you know how Cody's dilemma is resolved: "You’ll know, then, that when I say this with unequivocal passion stemming from a childhood of bleeding green, I also say this with love...I hope this Sunday night is the absolute worst of your year." #FlyEaglesFly!