Local Business Supporting Alzheimer's Research

January 22, 2018
By Shannon Frost Greenstein Too often these days, you hear stories about the worst of humanity:  People hurting animals, people hurting people, people who are just hurting.  These events are picked up by the media, so it would almost appear that EVERYTHING that happens is negative. However, a Bensalem business is doing something incredibly positive, and the owners deserve to be recognized for their kindness.  It's something to counteract all the bad stories, because there is kindness in the world, and it's a beautiful thing. Michele Recupido, longtime manager of Locust Rendezvous in Center City, performed a random act of compassion recently, and the ripples from that action will benefit countless others. Michele's husband Walt is suffering from Alzheimer's.  As his day-to-day began to get more difficult as the disease progressed, Michele took steps to ensure he could still have a similar quality of life, while taking into account his decreased memory functioning.  As Walt had a Sunday ritual of stopping by Redhouse Bagels after church, she knew it was something he would want to continue. To that end, she made a simple laminated card with his breakfast order...always the same...for him to hand to the cashier, in case he wasn't able to communicate his preference.  According to Michele, the staff has been nothing but friendly, accommodating, and supportive of Walt and his needs. To say "Thank You", Michele wrote a simple note and attached a $100 bill.  And, as is wont to happen these days...her note went viral. The owners of Redhouse Bagels, Rich and Shannon Redhouse, reached out to Michele after they tracked down "Walt's wife", as her note was signed.  They will be memorializing Walt by naming his regular sandwich after him...pork roll, egg, and cheese on a plain bagel. Moreover, they will be donating part of the proceeds from "The Walt" to Alzheimer's research. Please keep this story in the back of your mind, for the next time we are all brought to our knees by tragedy or injustic.  As Michele said, "This story shows there’s kindness in the world — I want it to be told.”  The world is an amazing place, and it's businesses like Redhouse Bagels which do so much to spread that light around.  Thank you for brightening our day, Rich and Shannon!