Philly Donut Shop Taking Eagles/Pats Rivalry to a New Level

January 24, 2018
By Shannon Frost Greenstein I suppose it's understandable. The Eagles have never had a Super Bowl win.  Yes, they have won three NFL Championships, but that was prior to the matchup being renamed the "Super Bowl", so Philly fans are still waiting for that elusive honor which is "Super Bowl Champions." The Patriots, on the other hand, have received that honor many, many times. So it's only natural that a tense rivalry would develop.  And evidence of that rivalry is already coming to light, in the form of Dottie's Donuts, a Philadelphia-area donut shop which has taken a bold stance: No Boston Cream donuts until the Eagles win the Super Bowl. “Until the Eagles win the Super Bowl, we won’t be serving our Boston cream donuts or any other ‘New England themed’ donuts,” the vegan doughnut company posted Monday morning on social media. Owner Jeff Poleon assured his followers that there would be no Massachusetts-themed donuts under his watch...not until the Eagles take a Super Bowl title.  This means there people who might be waiting on Boston Creams for at least two weeks, if things go well...and perhaps indefinitely, if they don't. In their place?  You have options.  One is of the "Creamed Boston" variety.  And the other is the Philly-inspired "Greased Pole donut", a concoction of peanut butter vanilla cream, cookies, and custard which is meant to symbolize an Eagles fan atop a greased lamp post. Keep your opinions about its appearance to yourself.  It sounds delicious. Anyway, here's hoping Dottie's Donuts starts serving Boston Creams again after February 4th...cause we ALL know what that would mean. #FLYEAGLESFLY