Quit Telling Justin Timberlake He Made 'A Country Record'

February 1, 2018
By Robyn Collins Justin Timberlake has a message for fans and critics: Stop telling him his new album Man of the Woods is a country record. Related: How Justin Timberlake (Probably) Broke A Million In First-Week Sales For ‘The 20/20 Experience’ The request was kinda buried in a series of Instagram posts to celebrate his 37th birthday. The posts depict the pop star in the barber’s chair; he mentions that he's “getting that birthday cut” and adds that he felt like DJ Khalid announcing a new song. Then Timberlake drops the real news. Almost as an afterthought, he says that his new album, Man of the Woods, was titled for his son, Silas, whose name means “of the woods.” He also asked fans to quit telling him he’s "making a country album" despite the fact that the record features Chris Stapleton, and video previews for the release were shot in rural environments depicting majestic mountains, rolling hills and valleys -- scenery traditionally associated with country music. The singer also joked that he was “really feeling" himself. The celebration continued as he posted a video from Super Bowl LII rehearsals, saying, “Bday rehearsals. Still feeling myself..? YES.” And, he shared a snippet of the new pop song “Montana.” Then, he shared a sneak peek of another non-country number, "Higher, Higher." He wrote: “Still my bday!! I’m having too much fun! More new music alert. This is a song called HIGHER HIGHER.@pharrell @chadhugo Man Of The Woods. 2/2” Man of the Woods comes out on Friday (Feb. 2). Timberlake will play the Super Bowl halftime show on Sunday (Feb. 4). On March 13, he'll launch a North American tour in Toronto, Ontario. Dates run through May 30 in Memphis, Tennessee. Check out Justin's social media announcements below:

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