New Video Shows the Truth about Eagles Fans: Watch

February 1, 2018
By Shannon Frost Greenstein It's no secret that Philadelphia has a reputation, especially when it comes to the fans of its sports teams.  We have not been painted in a very favorable light in the media, and there is almost a stigma in being a fan from is assumed we are all rowdy, destructive, morally bankrupt hellions who respect nothing. Sure, there's the Santa snowball thing.  And sure, some imbecile punched a horse two weeks ago.  And sure, there's a fair bit of general merriment at our tailgates which have been known to escalate into violence. But those are isolated incidents.  I think you'll agree, the majority of fans...Eagles fans in particular...are great people.  They love their team, they love their city, and they just want to support the hardworking athletes who give us all something to believe in. And now, there's FINALLY a video on YouTube which shows the true Eagles fans:  Excited.  Caring.  There for each other.  Wanting to embrace all that is Philadelphia, because we are PROUD of our city. Videographer Matt Conlin is only 23 years old, but his newest creation seems to be the work of someone far more experienced.  He attended the NFC title game against the Vikings, and shot some footage with the intention of disproving the reputation fans do not deserve.  Conlin was aiming for authenticity, commenting, "...the biggest driving factor behind the video (is) giving a real look of what it means to tailgate (in Philadelphia)." Check out the montage below, which, again, is incredibly well done and pretty moving, according to THIS Eagles fan.