Eagles Pep Rally!

February 3, 2018
We're not sure about you, but we are gearing up for THE BIG DAY. You'd think that would be a wedding, unless you're an Eagles fan.  Then you would know that EVERYTHING pales in comparison to tomorrow's game, and we. are. pumped. Bex was out at an Eagles pep rally with some of our favorite listeners, and the mood was outstanding!  Everyone was overflowing with pep, and good vibes, and just all-around excitement for our favorite team.  There were prizes, food, celebrities...everything you could possibly need to swing things in the Eagles' favor!!! Well, not quite.  Most of it is in the Eagles' court, but, as everyone knows, we can help by being the most supportive, loyal, outgoing fans possible, and leaving it up to them to play the game and bring home the trophy.  And, if you check out the photos below, that's exactly what these fans did!