Bex Talks to Eagles Tight End Trey Burton!

February 7, 2018
By Shannon Frost Greenstein The Eagles are World Champions!  They're World Champions and Today's 96.5 host Bex TALKED TO ONE!  SHE TALKED TO TREY BURTON! Sorry, this has just happened and I'm having a hard time reigning in my fangirling. But, yes.  Wow.  Ok.  Eagles.  World Champions.  And Bex spoke to tight end Trey Burton at length this afternoon, which painted a great picture of the star athlete and well-spoken family man. Trey's family was with him all week in Minneapolis, including his three children, the youngest only five.  He talked about the conscious effort he puts into including them in his life and his work, making time for photo opportunities around town and memorable moments. His favorite part of the Super Bowl experience?  When he was able to pull his children up on the podium after the game to answer questions.  I'm sorry, I'll be right back, I have to go over in a corner and melt for a second. Bex and Trey engage in a fun game of, "With which teammate would you..." followed by a variety of theoretical situations...start a band, trust to pick up your children, watch Frozen or Moana, prepare a Valentine's Day meal, etc. Trey is intelligent, humble, and a great sport.  We're so grateful he took the time to call in and speak with us, especially with all the preparation that must be happening for tomorrow's celebration.  Check out Bex's interview below, and keep an eye out for Trey...and the other WORLD CHAMPIONS...tomorrow at the parade!   [audio mp3="/"][/audio]