Fergie Claims Quentin Tarantino Bit Her on 'Planet Terror' Movie Set

February 8, 2018
By Scott T. Sterling Fergie alleges she was bit by movie director Quentin Tarantino in a rediscovered behind-the-scenes interview for the 2007 movie Planet Terror. Related: Fergie Pleads the Fifth on Dating Justin Timberlake The interview was included as bonus material included with the Grindhouse DVD release for the big-screen double-feature that included Death Proof as well as Planet Terror. “As I was filming the scene where the zombies attack me, Quentin really got into it. I think he had a lot of fun with that,” Fergie explains in the interview (via Jezebel). “He’s doing the whole run with me, so it’s great. So I look over and see Quentin, and I have to kind of visualize this zombie-esque character. And we kept having to re-do the scene because he was so into being this creature that he was making all these noises. And he was blaming it on the other guys, but really Quentin was making all the noise.” Fergie goes on to offer more detail regarding the moment in a separate behind-the-scenes clip. “So I’m doing the scene, right," the pop stars says. “And he starts biting me.” Jezebel adds that in the clip, Tarantino is seen tackling the singer, and that she tells him to "Get off me" while laughing and using profanity. In another scene, Fergie is seen showing bite marks to the camera, claiming that it was Tarantino who gave them to her, and that before the shoot was over, "I will bite him back," she promises. The unearthed footage follows recent claims from actresses Uma Thurman and Rose McGowan that Tarantino physically and sexually assaulted them while working on his movies.