Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran Share 'Endgame' Behind-the-Scenes Video

February 9, 2018
By Scott T. Sterling Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran have the rapport of an old married couple. Related: Taylor Swift Wears Flats for Ed Sheeran in Funny Candid Clip The pop star super-friends put that connection on full display in a new behind-the-scenes video captured during the making of Swift's "Endgame" video, on which Sheeran is featured. The clip opens with the scene that Swift teased earlier in the week, as she pokes fun at Sheeran's height and accuses him of "peacocking." The pair discuss the making of the track, with Sheeran revealing that he came up with his part in a dream, much to Swift's deadpan amusement. Swift jokes about Sheeran bringing his "cadenced rhythmic thing" rap style to the track, something she says he hasn't done since the first album. They go on to break down his lyrics for the track, with Swift imitating Sheeran's English accent as he explains how the "Fourth of July" reference is in regards to how he connected with his fiancée, Cherry, at Swift's 4th of July party. Later on the video, Swift shouts out the extras on the set, explaining how they make it look like they're at a raucous party while actually dancing to just a click track. After Future makes a quick cameo, Swift ends the clip by sharing the pun-tastic sign she made for Sheeran and his fiancée for their first anniversary. It's too good to give up, so watch the very entertaining video below and reveal in the majesty of Taylor Swift's exemplary pun skills.