#Pyeongchang2018 Skating Features Some Rocking Tunes

February 16, 2018
By Shannon Frost Greenstein Every four years, the Olympiad comes upon us, featuring the best of the best in their particular sports, competing for the entertainment of us all. This cycle is no exception, with some amazing stories already coming to light, such as the United States' 100th gold medal in the winter disciplines, and Shawn White's Three-Peat. However, if you're a rabid music fan in addition to being a winter sports guru, it's the skating competition that you'll want to be focusing on, thanks to a recent rule change.  Now, the change from skating's governing body has opened up the program in the 2018 Winter Olympics for a range of rock and pop soundtracks. Since the short program, an interesting array of popular music has been heard echoing throughout the ice rink, including Lorde, Imagine Dragons, Coldplay, and, as of last night, Oasis. Paul Fentz of Germany, for example, skated to a Paul Anka cover of Oasis' "Wonderwall" for his short program, to some great acclaim and some general trolling from the peanut gallery. This recent change certainly makes the sport of skating more relatable to younger generations, as well as more accessible to young athletes whose interests may range more along the lines of Taylor Swift and Justin Timberlake than Motzart and Handel. Regardless of the sport you're watching, however, the Olympics are a great way to bring together the nations of the world under a common goal and purpose.  Even North and South Korea have bridged the divide between them to compete as a single, unified team. The men's long program happens next, and we just can't wait to see hear what these guys will be skating to!  Here's hoping the rest of the games are as exciting as the first week has been!  Go Team USA!