The Chainsmokers Release 'You Owe Me' with Horror-Themed Music Video

February 16, 2018
By Robyn Collins The Chainsmokers have dropped their new single, “You Owe Me,” along with a cinematic horror-themed music video. Related: The Chainsmokers Drop New Track ‘Sick Boy’ The band continues to evolve, bringing melodies, electronics and bass lines together in innovative ways. In "You Owe Me," guitars and a low-key horn sound yield some smoking hooks. This time the group sound a little less EDM and a little more alt-rock. The video, directed by Rory Kramer, is even more surprising. It stars with the guys performing typical housekeeping tasks very deliberately as they prepare for a dinner party. After their guests arrive, everyone sits down to eat. Then, two-thirds of the way through, the clip turns dark and gory -- really gory. The song is part of a 2-sided single aptly titled “Sick Boy… You Owe Me.” Check out the video for "You Owe Me," which does contain graphic scene, below: