PPA Will Forgive Your Pre-2013 Unpaid Parking Tickets!

February 28, 2018
By Shannon Frost Greenstein If you're anything like me, you haven't always been on the best terms with the PPA.  Whether it's those years you lived in Manayunk and got ticketed every other day, to that time you left your car in the handicapped spot real quick, to that time you knew it was better not to drive and didn't move your car in time for street cleaning...we've all amassed some parking tickets in our lives. In my case, it was in my less-responsible college years, and it seemed I was turning over half of every paycheck to the PPA...when I was even financially sound enough to do that.  Suffice to say, I might have a few unpaid parking tickets left over, when the need for food outweighed my need to be square with local government. BUT.  Now, we are all lucky enough to have that chance to be square with the local government, because the Philadelphia Parking Authority is offering amnesty for tickets dating back prior to 2013. Through the 2018 Parking Amnesty Program, ticket-holders can enroll to have those fines forgiven which were amassed prior to 2013.  Starting Thursday, all tickets, fees, and penalties prior to 2013 will be completely forgiven.  Some towing and storage fees assessed before 2015 will also be excused.  However, the catch is that, to enroll in the program, you have to pay all unpaid tickets you've received SINCE 2013.  That works out well if you're like me, and got more responsible over the years. If you haven't received any tickets since 2013, or have since paid them, you can enroll in the amnesty program for a flat $50 fee. A recent audit of the Philadelphia Parking Authority found that, since 1990, the PPA has failed to collect more than $580 million in outstanding parking tickets and associated fees. Amnesty enrollment will run March 1st through April 30th.  More information will become available when this link goes live on Thursday: www.phila.gov/parkingamnesty.