Katy Perry Re-Meets Childhood Friend on 'Kimmel'

March 6, 2018
By Hayden Wright Katy Perry's career has gone through many iterations. First, she was One of the Boys before Teenage Dream went global. She's played the Super Bowl halftime show, stumped for a presidential candidate and live streamed her life for days on end. Related: Katy Perry Performs for First Responders at Kick Ash Bash in California But before Witness or Prism, Katy was a sixth grader in Christian school with a "mischievous" side and a best friend: Ahnika Michealsen-Johnson. Last night (March 5), Katy appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and the host (fresh off his Oscars gig) invited Ahnika to reminisce with Katy about their middle school experiences. At first, Katy had a hard time remembering Ahnika and called her "Erica," but sixth grade was a long time ago. Watch Katy and Ahnika's reunion below.