Lorde Shares New Portrait by the 'Melodrama' Cover Artist

March 8, 2018
By Hayden Wright Lorde's 2017 album Melodrama earned a GRAMMY nomination for album of the year and the unforgettable cover art was worthy of its own award. Using deep blues and warm red tones, painter Sam McKinniss depicted a troubled-looking Lorde in bed. On Instagram, Lorde shared a second portrait painted by McKinniss. Related: Lorde Covers Frank Ocean, Debuts New Music at Melodrama Tour Opener “I see myself so clearly in this picture,” Lorde wrote on Instagram. On Twitter, she wrote, "When Sam paints me I see myself in sharp focus, emotions fully crystallized.” The new portrait depicts Lorde upright, holding a microphone and glancing to the side. Again, McKinniss captures something somewhat unsettling under the surface of the singer's expression. Lorde explained that the image on which the painting is based comes from a challenging time. “When this photo was taken I was fragile, anxious; feeling raw and exposed in my practice, newly 21 and looking for a sign," she wrote. "I see all that and more here. Thank you, Sam." Lorde's currently on tour in North America with Run the Jewels—she's unveiled unheard Melodrama songs and Frank Ocean covers on the road, so far. See the new portrait here:

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