Snow Patrol Return with New Album 'Wildness'

March 8, 2018
By Scott T. Sterling Snow Patrol is back. After seven years since the release of Fallen Empires, the band is set to return with a new full-length, Wildness, set for release on May 25. Related: The Music of 'Turn' Season 1: Snow Patrol's Gary Lightbody and Johnny McDaid's 'Jock' Jam “There are many types of wildness, but I think it can be distilled into two: the wildness of the modern age, all it’s confusion, illogic and alienation and a more ancient wildness," explains Snow Patrol singer and songwriter, Gary Lightbody, in a press statement. "Something primal, alive and beautiful that speaks to our true connectivity, our passion, our love, our communion with nature and each other. This is the kind of wildness the album is centered around. The loss of it. Trying to reconnect with it. To remember it.” Lightbody has stayed plenty busy while the band was on hiatus, co-writing songs with the likes of Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift. Now, he's ready to refocus his sights on the return of Snow Patrol. “Seamus Heaney, my favorite poet of all time, said at 71 that he was only discovering what some of his poetry means, and this is coming from a Nobel Prize-winning poet. It’s a great testament to inspiration,” Lightbody said. “Sometimes it takes you five years to write the thing. Like now. And you know for sure when you finish an album like that, where you’ve poured over every detail and put every atom of yourself into it, everything makes sense and I bet you I’m never not proud of this record.” Watch a trailer and see the full tracklist for Snow Patrol's comeback album below.

1. Life On Earth 2. Don’t Give In 3. Heal Me 4. Empress 5. A Dark Switch 6. What If This Is All The Love You Ever Get? 7. A Youth Written In Fire 8. Soon 9. Wild Horses