Taylor Swift Gets 'Delicate' for New Video

March 11, 2018
By Scott T. Sterling Taylor Swift has shared the music video for her latest single "Delicate." Related: Michelle Obama Shares Taylor Swift Dance Party The video features Swift, wearing a gorgeous blue fringed dress, first at a red carpet affair interacting with press and fans. When she finds herself in a quiet moment alone from the watchful eyes of her security detail, she somehow becomes invisible to anyone around her. It’s then that she dances barefoot through the city like no one is watching. "It's going to be unexpected and it's going to be grand," director Joseph Kahn told E! News prior to its release. "The need is love and the expression of it. And it's not about flowers. People have been sending me ideas, and generally it's like flowers, or pink dresses or blue skies. And those are all the things you'd think you'd want in a video, but they wouldn't fill what you need out of a song like that. So, I think I have a plan here to address that, but it's completely unexpected." Check out Taylor's latest below.