Harry Styles Debuts New Songs 'Anna' and 'Medicine': Watch

March 12, 2018
By Hayden Wright Last year was huge for Harry Styles. His debut solo album topped the charts and his debut film (Dunkirk) earned eight Academy Awards, including Best Picture. And Styles' isn't slowing down. As he tours for his self-titled album, Harry is keeping his fans happy by playing them new material. Related: Jack Antonoff Discusses Working Harry Styles and Taylor Swift on Fallon In Basel, Switzerland the singer unveiled "Anna," and "Medicine," two songs that didn't appear on Harry Styles, and members of the audience excitedly captured the songs on their smartphones. "Anna" combines lovelorn lyrics with a chipper melody and a nod to George Michael's "Faith." "I don't want your sympathy /You don't know what you do to me, oh Anna/ Every time I see your face there's only so much I can take," Styles sings. "Medicine" takes a more sensual approach to love. "Can I take my medicine, take my medicine," Styles croons. "Rest it on your fingertips/ Up to your mouth, feeling it out/ Feeling it out." Check out fan footage of both performances below.