Direct from Bex at Phillies Spring Training!

She met some Phillies down there in Clearwater!

March 14, 2018

By Shannon Frost Greenstein

Our very own Bex was down in Florida not long ago, to give us the lowdown on the Phillies Spring training.  While we were all insanely jealous to see her living it up in the warm weather, she also got us great footage of some of our favorite Phillies down there in Clearwater, so we forgive her her little vacation.

She also sat down with three of the team's pitchers for an informal interview, and we learn some interesting tidbits about their personal lives!  Naturally, she plays a quick game with each, and...not surprisingly...these men get pretty competitive! Here she is talking to pitcher Adam Morgan, and you'll be surprised to see how much he knows about the ladies...he even knows what a romper is, for goodness' sake!     She also sits down with Zach Eflin, who has some VERY STRONG OPINIONS about what constitutes "Philly":     And finally, she took some time to speak with Vince "Vinny" Valezquez about the major loves of his life:  His family, his Jeep, and, of course, baseball!    

Bex, we're so glad you got this great opportunity, and we appreciate learning some new tidbits about our favorite players...but couldn't you have brought some of that Florida weather home with you???