96.5 TDY Birthday Buddies!

Join us in wishing Ayden Politi a very Happy 5th Birthday!

Ayden Politi is a courageous 5 year old who loves trains, assembling Legos, riding his Lightning McQueen, and playing with his dog, Triple. Life has been challenging from the start, as doctors determined his heart beat too slowly—a  condition called heart block—when he was still in his mother’s womb. He received surgery immediately after he was born and then spent the first nine months of his life at the hospital.

His mother was able to stay close to him by staying at the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House. She says that “It was nice to be able to use their vans to travel back and forth from the hospital and not have to worry about having a car. My husband had to work so he could not stay with me, so it was nice to have the support of families going through similar situations. I never felt alone. I also did not have to worry about meals and I could focus on Ayden—I needed that important time to bond with him and learn about him the way that I needed to.”

His mother feels positive about Ayden’s medical outlook and he is looking to starting pre-k this year, making new friends, and to just be a kid.

The Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House, the first Ronald McDonald House in the world, helps keeps families, like Ayden’s, close.

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