Woman Brings Mini Service Horse on Plane With First-Class Ticket

June 30, 2020

Can you bring any service animal on a flight?

One woman said yea and neigh when she took Freckle Butt Freddy, her miniature service horse, on a plane in first class.

The 115-pound pony accompanied the woman, Ronica Froese, on a flight that flew from Grand Rapids, Michigan to Ontario, California with a layover in Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, reported People.

Froese explained in a Facebook post that her friend is a specially trained service animal and is technically allowed to accompany Froese. In a post on her page, she explained how the flight was.

“So this is going to be a super long post about our flying experience. I'll probably run out of characters 🤣,” Froese said. “Flying with Fred was an incredible experience as a handler,” she continued.

Froese explained how her and Fred worked with other service horse handlers to prepare for the flight. Freckle Butt got prepped with exercises to get him used to loud noises, and potty training for when he needed to go to the bathroom at the airport. Froese even shared that her horse friend knows how to go to the bathroom on command.

“Fred was the definition of a perfect service animal in flight,” Froese said. “He is so bonded with me; he is willing to do anything I ask of him.”

She made sure Fred had a lot of room on the flight, so she purchased two first class tickets. He also wore special shoes and stood on a yoga mat placed on the floor to make sure he had enough traction.

And for the people who were allergic to horses, he wore a teal hood so people would not be affected by his hair.

“He has rode probably 10,000 miles in my truck so flying was a breeze,” Froese said. “I have trained him to lay down on command and sit it my lap like a dog in the event the plane crashed so we could evacuate down the slide. Luckily, we didn’t have to see if that training was a success.”

Froese said the two experienced bumps along the trip. While having a horse on the flight may be weird, she wished people on the plane would ask to take a picture.

“Many politely asked, but others were just rude. We had people wait 30 minutes for us to come out of the bathroom just to snap a picture,” she said. “We aren’t a side show and would like to be treated with respect.”

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