5 things we learned from the Eagle’s game last night.

It was a W for everyone, but there's always things to be learned!

September 7, 2018
  1. The “New Norm” might be taking effect in more ways than we expected
    1. Last night, we saw and Eagles Offense that we have not seen in a while. Hurt by injury to key players such as Alshon Jeffery and Mack Hollins, the offense looked slow and sloppy at points. With that being said, they did a lot to make up for those losses with game plan. They took every shot they had to get yardage, even if it wasn’t much. They even threw in a version of the Philly Special, which was also eerily like the play that led to Tom Brady dropping a pass in the Super Bowl this past year. This could be the “New Norm” of offense that we can expect from the Eagles, relying on game plan rather than those big plays.
  2. Just because they won the Super Bowl, does not mean the fans won’t boo.
    1. Malcolm Jenkins told John Clark last night that “He is so glad Eagles fans don’t have complacency, that he heard them boo the team a couple of times. Remember, it’s still Philadelphia, and the fans let you know when they aren’t happy. Even if you are Super Bowl Champions.
  3. All is fair in Love and War
    1. Throughout the years, the Eagles had been ridiculed by the rest of the NFC East. “How many rings ya got?” But that changed this February in Minneapolis, when the Eagles became Super Bowl Champions. The argument about rings is no longer valid. Neither is a custom jersey one Giants fan had. The jersey displayed all the Giants Super Bowl victories on the front, while the back half was Eagles green with the nameplate “SUPERBOWLS” and the number “0” signifying the number of Super Bowls the eagles had won in the past. Well after $10,000 of donations to Childhood Cancer Research, the owner of the outdated jersey agreed to donate it to a good cause, an Eagles tailgate, where it was rightfully burned.
  4. Lightning sometimes does strike twice.
    1. The last time the Eagles played the Falcons at the Linc, we saw a nerve wrecking and exciting end to a game we never wanted to experience again. Well, it happened again. Like déjà vu, the Falcons trounced down the field and into the red zone with less than a minute left and took multiple shots to one of the best receivers in football, Julio Jones. Finally, when the clock turned zero and the ball was in the air, it was another incomplete pass to Julio Jones in the end zone that ended the game in south Philadelphia. Just like what had happened earlier this year.
  5. Meek Mill has this team hyped.
    1. “Hold up wait a minute, Y’all thought I was finished?” Dreams and Nightmares by the now infamous Philly native, Meek Mill, rang through the Linc last night as the Philadelphia Eagles made their way out on to their home turf. The crowd was electric, and Meek Mill himself was in attendance as a guest of Jeffery Lurie, the Eagles owner, last night. The Eagles are currently undefeated when “Dreams and Nightmares” plays during the team’s introduction. Granted it has only been two games, but hey you have to start somewhere, right?