96.5 TDY Pet of the Week

Let's find them some furever homes!

April 5, 2018

Every week our friends at the PSPCA bring us a furry friend to be featured as our Pet of the Week!

Tune in every Thursday at 10am as we Facebook Live!

If you are interested in adopting one of our pets or finding out more information go to PSPCA.org and check out our pets below!



It looks like me and my PSPCA Pet of the Week Casey broke into a local Sears for this photo shoot. Anyway, look at her eyes --!! If you look closely one is brown and the other is blue. It's like the eye version of Laurel & Yanny. And I know everyone says that their dog is the sweetest but Casey truly is the sweetest. Just yesterday she helped an elderly lady leaving ACME with her groceries. The woman tried to offer Casey money and she refused. That's the kind of dog she is. Adopt her today! 


I know what you've been thinking for the past 10 years. What ever happened to the Taco Bell dog? The answer is...I really have no idea. Last I heard he was backpacking Europe. You can adopt his cousin though! Meet my Pennsylvania SPCA Pet of the Week PEANUT! He makes for a great loving pet and he, too, is fond of the idea of tasty burritos at affordable prices. Adopt Peanut today!


My PSPCA Pet of the Week CHARLIE is like a giant soft Persian rug except he breaths and is a dog. Fun Fact: You might recognize Charlie from his days as the Coca-Cola bear. While your co-worker Carol brags about her dog you could have a dog that starred in commercials and drank soda! Take that Carol. Adopt this lovable big bear today!



The only thing more mesmerizing than this puppy is Kanye's twitter feed. Look. At. Those. Eyes. If I can't get this dog adopted in the next 24 hours I'm quitting life. I will relocate my stupid body to some island and sell beads and fruit. I mean c'mon this dog will brighten anyone's day. I don't care if you just realized you walked around all day with a pound of lettuce in your teeth. One glance into these eyes and you'll be singing Barbara Streisand's greatest hits. Adopt my PSPCA Pet of the Week: KENZIE today!



If this young stud was on a dating app you would swipe right so hard you'd break a fingernail. He's muscular yet sensitive. Like if The Rock and Ed Sheeran had a baby and it ended up being a dog. Also let's talk about the ears. Really zoom in on these bad boys. Freaking. Adorable. Not sold yet? He also paid me a nice compliment and it really got me though my day. So there you have it. Adopt this muscular sweetie today! My Pennsylvania SPCA Pet of the Week: PRINCE!!



It's Friday the 13th..

Option 1: you don't adopt my Pennsylvania SPCA Pet of the Week Mammas. Ouch. You will have bad luck for a long long time. You're going to look like gumby in every tagged photo on Facebook and you'll be forced to name your first born child. Bertha (boy or girl). Yikes.

Option 2: you adopt this beautiful girl named Mammas. You are one smart cookie! Mammas luscious long tongue breaks a Guinness world record and you guys strike it rich and live out your days in Costa Rica eating frozen yogurt while some guy named Demetri gives you you're daily Swedish massage. Oh and you have a boat now too. So cool.

Don't mess this up. Adopt Mammas Today!!



Things that are unbelievable: 
*that we're supposed to get snow this weekend and it's like April. Freaking April. Like c'mon man. 
*when you try to go to bed but you can't get comfortable so you just lay there scrolling through Instagram. Stalking people like you're dexter morgan. Then your alarm goes off and suddenly you're so comfortable. Like a little snuggle bug. And you may call out of work just to sleep. 
*the snow thing again. 
*The fact that this glorious little pile of fur doesn't have a home. Meet my Pennsylvania SPCA Pet of the Week: TINK. As in Tinker Bell. Because she's a fairy princess and if you adopt her today she will make your life magical.



Just 5 minutes with my Pennsylvania SPCA Pet of the Week: Justine and you'll find yourself talking like a basic white girl. "Oh Justine look at those ears slay hunnyyyyy slay" you might say. Or you could possibly try on "eat your royal biscuits Justine yassss queen". I spent an hour with her and I'm slaying so hard I'm about to go buy a Honda Civic and go through the Starbucks drive thru and order a grande iced cinnamon almond milk macchiato while wearing a tiara. Adopt Justine today and be fabulous together furever.



Look at that face and try to say no. Just try it. I dare you. He asked me if he could take over my finances. I said yes and in just 30 minutes he upped my credit score and made smart choices when diversifying my portfolio. What a good boy. Now he's trying to make my house more eco friendly by purchasing smart home appliances to lower my utility bills. Who wants a treat!? Meet my Pennsylvania SPCA Pet of the Week: MAX! He changed my life in a half hour. Imagine what he could do for you in a lifetime??? *Picture yachts and playing badminton with Bradley Cooper*



Meet my Pennsylvania SPCA Pet of the Week Issac! The only thing bigger than his smile is the pothole on 76 that I drove my life into this morning. Adopting Issac will also bring you luck this St. Patrick's Day! Let's just say if you bring him home your future may include boat loads of cash and zero wrinkles from all stress you're not having. You're going to look younger than Pharrell and he looks like he's applying for his drivers permit. You're going to be so lucky that your personal physician will be Patrick Dempsey( McDreamy from Grey Anatomy Fame) AND HE MAKES HOUSE CALLS LADIES MEOW. If that's not lucky enough for you Channing Tatum will also become your shirtless butler serving you homemade crab cakes as you sip champagne in your new jacuzzi tub while listening to Lionel Richie's greatest hits. So adopt this cutie today and have the Luck of the Issac! 


Mercury, Jupitar, & Mars

My Pennsylvania SPCA PetS of the Week: Mercury, Jupiter & Mars are so cute I want to slam my head repeatedly into drywall. You are seriously going to slap your own grandmother in the face while she's playing Mahjong once you see how adorable these puppies are. The only way these puppies could be any cuter is if we wrapped them up in cashmere blankets and got them to all yawn at the same time or if instead of 3, there were 47 puppies and they all played instruments. But until then this level of cute will do. So adopt them today before I steal them and never come out of my house.




Option 1: You adopt my Pennsylvania SPCA Pet of the Week BATTLE and live a life that is happy and fulfilled. Battle wakes you up every morning with tender puppy kisses and avocado toast. (He makes that. How cool is that right?) 
Option 2: You don't adopt Battle. Wow what a mistake that was lolz. You travel the entire world searching for that missing void with no avail. You develop a rather aggressive Girl Scout cookie dependency. The scouts actually turn you down when you try to reorder peanut butter patties for the 37th time. Your addiction paid for the entire troop's trip to the Pine Mountain Observatory in central Oregon but left you utterly empty inside (not literally. You're still very much full from like all the cookies)