Best Boozy Brunches in Philadelphia: Old City Edition

Old City is known for its rich history and attractions. That makes this one of the best places for… You guessed it! Brunch and Booze.

August 29, 2018

They say Philadelphia is the city of neighborhoods, and we can see why.  From Chestnut Hill to Fishtown to Queen's Village, each section of the city is unique, with it's own flavor, personality, and...of course...restaurants.  

And it's those restaurants in those neighborhoods we want to talk about.  Specifically...those which serve brunch.  Specifically...those which serve brunches with booze.  Really, the Best Boozy Brunches, and we'll be providing you with the top spots, throughout the city!   Next up:  Old City

FARMiCiA: Farmicia is a new age restaurant with a goal of having the best locally grown and seasonal ingredients. This means that their menu is constantly changing, but always as fresh as can be. With a LARGE food menu that includes full sections of starters, griddle selections, organic eggs and tofu, sandwiches, salads and full entrees, you can find the exact brunch item you are craving. Here’s the best part: From 11 a.m.-2 p.m., their brunch happy hour takes place. This includes HALF PRICE all beer, cocktails, and wines by the glass. Farmicia will for sure get you toasty with a side of toast. 

Continental: The Continental is already known for its food around the city, having locations in Mid-Town and Old City. With an ample menu filled with eggs, morning entrees, afternoon entrées, along with soups and salads, there is no way you will go home hungry. Now this wouldn’t be a boozy brunch without the booze! Their extensive drink menu includes a section called “Local Flavor”, which samples a drink that includes Stateside Vodka distilled right here in Philadelphia, as well as a Berry Daquiri that includes house-made grenadine! 

The Victoria FreeHouse: This is for sure a different type of atmosphere and culinary experience that you will not get anywhere else in the Old City area. As can be told by the name, this restaurant has a very English feel to it. The menu explores English recipes from Welsh Rarebit, Scotch Egg, Curried Cheese Chips, Bubble and Squeak, and Kedgeree. They even keep a English feel to their drinks menu, including a classic Liqueur, Pimm’s, which was created in London, England. They also use an Elderflower Liqueur in a drink they call The Vick Shandy. What’s better than a good ole English Boozy Brunch?