Bennett Goes Day Drinking With White Horse Winery

April 5, 2019

Bennett is psyched to be hosting the Down and Derby Wine Festival on May 2nd at Cooper River Park, so he thought he’d bring in one of the participating wineries into the station for a midday wine tasting session.

BJ Vinton, proprietor of White Horse Winery joined Bennett for a rousing wine tasting experience.

Bennett tries out a new wine tasting face, tries some award-winning wines, learns what to do when they open the wine bottle at your table at a restaurant, and about the intricacies of Vidal Blanc wine & barrel fermentation. Cheers!

Bennett Learns The Intricacies Of Vidal Blanc & Barrel Fermentation  (2:38 minutes)

Bennett’s Wine Tasting Face & What To Do When They Open Your Bottle At The Restaurant (3:30 minutes)