The Root of Santucci's Square Pizza

Learn about how they got their start!

June 5, 2019

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Our pizza family is stronger & way more delicious with Santucci’s in the fold. You'll taste why their pies are some of the Philly area's finest at Pizzadelphia Fest on June 15th at the Navy Yard. Get your tickets here before they're gone.

Santucci’s is probably best known for their Original Square Pizza that was founded in 1959 by Joseph and Philomena Santucci. The Santucci pizza recipe was founded on making their pizzas in a square pan with the sauce on top of the cheese. While deemed “unconventional” on their pizzas at first, this method quickly became iconic in Philadelphia. Look how delicious they look!

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A post shared by Santucci's Pizza (@santuccis_pizza) on

Santucci’s has grown in the 60 years since opening, with five locations spanning from South Philly to Ocean City, NJ. The Santucci family continues to grow with their restaurant, and hopes to keep doing so as they serve their family’s pizza to the community.

Founded on family and tradition, Santucci’s will continually create their square pizzas for the community so that you can enjoy a slice of their pizza goodness! Come get a taste at Pizzadelphia Fest on 6/15!