EXCLUSIVE: Behind-The-Scenes of BTS' New York City Takeover

LA gives you an exclusive look at the Bangtan Boys on the Today Show and more!

February 24, 2020
Behind Scenes BTS New York City Takeover Today Show MTV LA

Michael Levay/WTDY-FM Philadelphia

96.5 TDY, Entercom, and LA were able to get you exclusive, behind the scenes access to BTS' New York City Takeover!

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LA finally making it to New York City.

WE ARE HERE !!! ------ I cannot explain just how excited I am for tomorrow -- @965tdy @todayshow @mtv @bts.world.official @radiodotcom #BTS #BTSTODAY #7OUTFRIDAY ‬ ‪#BTSxTDY #BTS_NYC_TAKEOVER ‬

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BTS walking out onto the stage at The TODAY Show.

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Tae giving a very TAE look at LA's camera. :)

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LA absolutely freezing -- It was 24 degrees (but felt like 12 degrees) at Rockefeller Center Plaza during the BTS x TODAY Show interview!

Still getting feeling back in my feet but being literally RIGHT NEXT TO BTS on stage was incredible !!! -------- • ‪#BTS #BTSTODAY #7OUTTODAY ‬ ‪#BTSxTDY #BTS_NYC_TAKEOVER #mapofthesoul7 #laonair

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We love BTS so much. (Literally so much purple!!!)

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LA with BTS in MTV's Studios.

Today was a little kids dream come true - the kid that snuck into a live taping of MTV on a trip to NYC when he was 8 years old because he wanted to be a part of this life more than anything. Today, I spent the day in New York City with @bts.bighitofficial @todayshow/@mtv & a WONDERFUL team -------- I am SO proud and thankful to be able to do this and today will go down as one of my best days of my life. -- To 8 year old me, you’re here. ❤️ • #LAOnAir ‪#BTS #BTSTODAY #7OUTTODAY ‬ ‪#BTSxTDY #BTS_NYC_TAKEOVER #mapofthesoul7 • Stay tuned to 965TDY.com & everywhere @965TDY for more video coming soon! --

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