Mark Zuckerburg Now Third Richest Man on Planet

At 34, the Facebook creator is worth $81.6 billion dollars!

July 9, 2018

As of Friday, Warren Buffett is no longer the third richest man on the planet.  

That honor now belongs to Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerburg, who, the Bloomberg Billionaires Index reports, is now worth $81.6 billion dollars.

Zuckerburg trails Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos, worth $142 billion, and Microsoft Corp. co-founder Bill Gates, worth $94.2 billion.

Warren Buffett, now relegated to fourth place, has approximately $373 million less than Zuckerburg.  A big factor in this is Buffett's philanthropic activity, in that he has been actively donating his wealth to charity for over a decade.  The Berkshire Hathaway CEO marked the only presence of the real estate sector among the top three; with Zuckerburg's ascent, technology is now responsible for creating the three largest fortunes ever known to man.

Let it be said loudly and proudly, however, that Zuckerburg has pledged to give away 99% of his wealth over his lifetime.  In that vein, he has already begun with wife Priscilla with the Chan Zuckerburg Initiative, a charity founded to advance human potential and promote equal opportunity.