5 Tips for getting through Thanksgiving without tearing each other apart.

Don't get in Aunt Barbra's way this Thanksgiving.

November 16, 2018

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During Thanksgiving, tempers can run high, especially with food in question. Here are a couple of tips to keep you and your family from fighting throuhg the holidays.

1. Let the cooks do the cooking.


We all have that aunt, uncle, mom, dad etc. that owns the kitchen on Thanksgiving morning. They wake up at like 5 a.m. to start cooking and they don’t want to be bothered in the kitchen. Take this as a hint to grab some fast food for breakfast and not get in their way, or you might have a bad time.

2. Start cleaning over the weekend.

Thanksgiving morning and Thanksgiving eve are always hectic (or booze filled) and emotions run wild. Get this chore out of the way early by starting over the weekend. Doing little bits and remembering to just keep tidy throughout the week will help make this tedious chore easier, when you should be getting ready to devour the bird.

3. Stay away from politics.

Nothing can ruin a family get together more than disagreements over politics, so just leave it out of the day and enjoy your time with the people you love.

4.Feel out the booze situation.

This is pointed mainly towards the young couple who is hosting for the first time. Whatever you believe, family Thanksgivings are not like Friendsgivings, and every family is different. Make sure you don’t insult Aunt Barbra with your use, or lack, of available booze Thanksgiving Day.

5. Remember what the day is about.

Thanksgiving is about spending the time with the people you love to give thanks for all the good things in your life. Make sure the people you love know that and enjoy yourself. Share a turkey, break bread, drink some wine, and watch some football. You never know what will happen in the time between Thanksgivings, so just push your worries aside, and make sure Aunt Barbra knows you’re thankful for her.