5 Ways To Start Off Your Week The Right Way

The Key To Having A Good Week Is Starting It Our The Right Way!

October 1, 2018

5 ways to start your week off right.

Pre-plan your week.

Sunday night, end your night by going through the things you need to do in the next week. This will get you a jump start mentally on priorities and projects that will need to be accomplished and to help you keep a timeline to maximize productivity.

Start with a good breakfast.

You can start out healthy in the week by preparing yourself a nutritious breakfast. Somethings to consider are fruits in season, yogurt (I prefer Greek), eggs, protein shakes or a nice coffee caffeine kick to get you moving.

Get in a little workout before work.

Get your butt out of bed and get the juices flowing. There is such a thing as a mental warm up, and this gets you to move and think about what you are doing, instead of just the mundane routine that you can do in your sleep….

Take one new personal risk.

Taking personal risks can be scary, and Monday is the best time to get that out of the way. Be bold and opportunistic, because if you take that chance, on say a Friday, it sits with you all weekend. If you take that chance on Monday, you must keep going on with everyday life. Whether taking that chance becomes a positive or nothing comes of it, you’ll never know until you take that chance.

Pay it Forward with Kindness.

If you have ever experienced a random act of kindness, it completely turns around your day. Handing out acts of kindness early in the week can help boost your mood while helping someone else and helping start your karma off in the right direction for the week.