8 Things To Do In The Fall As a Couple

From pumpkins, to hiking, to alcohol, the top things to do in the Fall!

September 24, 2018

8 Things to do in the fall as a couple:

1. Go Apple Picking.

Ah yes, the crisp fall air, the orchard, and your significant other carrying a basket of freshly picked apples. That’s the life, right? Spend 2-4 hours walking around, talking, enjoying each other’s company and picking delicious apples to make Grandma’s homemade apple pie for dessert this weekend. Its fall and fun rolled into one!

2. Corn Maze

If you are going to get stuck in a maze with someone, it might as well be your significant other! Try and get through the maze as its just you and that other person, you’ll get talking and thinking. Mental and social stimulation to the highest degree!

3. Haunted Attractions

Throughout the Philadelphia area and New Jersey, there are tons of different haunted attractions to go to. Some places were made just as attractions, and some are shutdown facilities, like asylums and prisons, that have been converted into a a haunted house attraction. These are the perfect opportunities to see if your significant other would protect you when you’re scared… or themselves.

4. Longwood Gardens

The gardens itself are a must see, but throughout the fall they have musicians galore! You can get your fix of classical, jazz, organ, or international ensembles. A perfect way to spend the day after a nice weekend brunch.

5. Carving Pumpkins

This fall cliché is something of a pastime. It’s something we loved doing when we are young. Now that we are older, it’s easy enough that you and your significant other can do for little money and either laugh at the mess you two made, or for the artistic couple, be excited about your new porch decorations!

6. Hiking

Now that it’s not blaring hot out, it’s perfect weather to break a sweat outside. That means hiking! Stroud preserve is the perfect place to go on a hike. The beautifully preserved lands in West Chester boast hiking trails between 6-9 Miles. This is a great way to get some brisk Autumn air and get some fun exercise with your significant other! You can visit www.natlands.org/visit for other hiking locations in your area.

7. Midtown Village Fall Festival

By now it’s too late to get to Haunted Hops (don’t worry, there’s always next year!). But the Midtown Village Fall Festival is coming up on October 6th. Food, drinks and music galore will fill the streets of Midtown Village between 12-8 P.M. Read more about it here.

8. Football Game

It’s Fall, and the Phillies are sadly not going to make the playoffs, but there are plenty of chances to get out and watch some football! Or you could just go for the tailgate. Football games are great to get out with your significant other to see some great competition, cheer on your favorite team, or just hang out in the parking lot grilling some food and drinking some beer! The atmosphere is something that cannot be matched just watching the games on TV.