Best Boozy Brunches in Philadelphia: Midtown Village Edition

Looking for the best boozy brunches in Philadelphia? Look no further than Midtown Village!

October 5, 2018


Located at 13th and chancellor this restaurant is a great place to go for a nice boozy brunch. Let’s start with the Booze. $22 unlimited mimosas. BAM your good to go. The bougie brunch menu available includes food such as Shrimp Koliwada soft tacos, a Tandoori portion of the menu, a Thali part of the menu, and classics like omelets and French toast!

Maison 208

This up-style restaurant brings a fancy feel to the boozy brunch. More of a place for a real speical occasion, or to have your parents pay for when they come to visit you! Located at 208 south 13th street, the restaurant hosts an extensive cocktail and champagne menu that will knock your socks off.

Smokin Betty’s

This restaurant at the corner of Sansom and 11th has the feel of a traditional BBQ joint. Their brunch shows the new aged American feel that is loved by many. Breakfast burritos, tur-duck-en burgers, and fall off the bone St. Louis riblets will make you a happy camper on a weened morning. Oh- and their specialty cocktails will knock you on your… you know.