Drake's New Back Up Dancers... Drones?

Drake is using Choreographed Drones in his Tour with Migos

September 26, 2018

© Peter Llewellyn-USA TODAY Sports


Drake’s new back up dancers… are drones.

The “In My Feelings” artist is starting to use miniature autonomous drones during his setlist on his current tour. Produced by Verity Studios, each of the devices deploys from a net set up hidden from the view of the audience but right in front of the stage. They even follow choreography that was created by Drake’s creative team and Verity.

It seems that artists are trying to create an aesthetic in their shows that fits the world of the visual heavy social media. The drones help to create a new age look to his show, with the drones flying around all over the stage and working in choreographed movements.

Also included in the show is a screen that displays an immense iPhone opened to Drake’s account, a neon laser basketball court, and a neon yellow Ferrari that floats over the audiences heads.

In the past few years, Verity has also produced indoor drone displays for Metallica and Cirque du Soleil.