Gritty Starting to Feel the Love

It seems that the Flyers new mascot is starting to feel the love in Philadelphia.

October 15, 2018

© Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports


The start of the NHL Season is here, and it seems like Gritty is beginning to win over the hearts of Philadelphia Flyer fans.

When the bearded, googly-eyed mascot was first introduced to the world, it was ridiculed for being ugly and terrifying and we weren’t sure how he would develop as a character.

Then, when he was seen falling on the ice and had shot someone in the face with a T-shirt cannon, opinions sure were not going up.

But the Flyers have not stopped in their effort of making this character beloved by Philadelphia.

People are now making Gritty Costumes for their children.

People are creating drinks based on Gritty.

People are even dressing their dogs like Gritty.

While we are still not sure exactly what Gritty is, we can be sure that this mascot is on his way to be beloved in Philadelphia, creepy or not!