"It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" Filming at the Philadelphia Zoo?

Rob McElhenny and Charlie Day Post From Philadelphia Zoo

July 10, 2019

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Staff / Getty Images Entertainment


“It’s Sunny in Philadelphia” seems to be coming to it’s roots and shooting at the Philadelphia Zoo!

The cast is currently working on it’s 14th season of the FXX’s hit TV show and Rob McElhenny (St. Joes Prep Alumni) posted a picture on Instagram with Charlie Day dressed in meerkat hats.

Da Meerkats.

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McElhenney has been dropping posts throughout Philadelphia in the past few weeks, leading us to believe more and more that we are going to see a lot of live shots actually from Philadelphia in the upcoming season.

“You wanna do the last name or what?” “Nah, they’ll know” “Are you sure? Becau-“ “THEY’LL KNOW”

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The new season is set to premiere on September 25th at 10:00 pm on FXX

You can also register to be apart of the new season through Omaze.