Top 5 Dog Costumes of 2018

Amazon's Top 5 Dog costumes of 2018!

September 28, 2018

Top Selling Dog Costumes on Amazon

October is right around the corner and before you know it, you’re going to be planning your way too elaborate costumes. But first, you have to make sure your dog is dressed to the nine’s because, let’s be honest, your dog is probably more important than the rest of your family or significant other. Here ae the top selling dog costumes of this year per Amazon:

  1. Lions Mane: A classic costume that accentuates the ferociousness of your guard dog, its simple and easy to put on and classic will not disappoint.

2. UPS Delivery Costume: Ironic that one of the top costumes for dogs is notoriously the person dogs are supposed to be chasing, but I guess one day of the year they can accept their differences?

3. Ewok: Star Wars nerds UNITE! This beloved creature from the forests of Endor probably works better as a costume for smaller, fluffy dogs. But go ahead and put your golden retriever in this costume, he’s still the goodest boy!

4. Wonder Woman: No wonder this is making an appearance in the top costumes after the hit movie this year. Your little princess will be a warrior this Halloween with the red white blue and yellow of Wonder Woman!

5. Cowboy Rider: What’s more precious than seeing your pup run around with a stuffed doll riding on his back? Probably nothing.