Philly Forget Me Not

Philly Forget Me Not: A Philadelphia Anthem by Hall & Oates and Train

Listen for it on 96.5 TDY

March 30, 2018

Keep an ear out on 96.5 TDY for some new music!

That's right, in preparation for the big HoagieNation Festival at Festival Pier on May 26th, Hall & Oates and Train are releasing a great new song called "Philly Forget Me Not.'  Hall and Oates specifically have a deep and sordid history with our fair city, so it makes perfect sense they've set their Philly identities to song.  We'll be playing it today, so you'll want to tune in to catch this catchy tune! 

There's even a HoagieNation "Philly Special" ticket offer in conjunction with the release of this hit-in-the-makding, and tickets can be yours by clicking here!  It runs all weekend and ends at 11:59 on Sunday night, so "hop" to it, because we can't wait to see you there!

And let us know what you think of the song!