Bella Maria Tomato Pies

Owner Alex's tribute to his daughter Maria

June 5, 2019

Credit: Bella Maria Tomato Pies Facebook Page


We're honored to have Bella Maria Tomato Pies in our pizza family and their tantalizingly delicious pizza at Pizzadelphia Fest on June 15 at the Navy Yard. Get your tickets before they're gone.

With roughly 50 years of experience expressing his passion for pizza, Alex caters to his craft as owner of Bella Maria Tomato Pies, a tribute to his daughter Maria. Being involved in the pizzeria business for years, Alex left the business in 2001 to seek corporate work. Alex shares that Maria wished he would return to the business by saying, “Daddy, your pizzas are the best. You should open up a Pizzeria.” Just a day after sharing this message with her father, tragedy struck.  Maria was lost in a car accident. In memory of Maria and to fulfill his daughter’s wishes for him, Alex decided to open Bella Maria Tomato Pies.

The story of Alex’s passion is shared via Bella Maria’s Pizzadelphia bio. Pizza practically runs through Alex’s family’s blood. After all, his paternal grandmother’s name is Raffaella Pizza. Alex’s father Carmen opened his first pizza business in Bristol of 1947, and his second in 1970 after serving in the Korean War and working as a pizza maker. After passing down the family recipe for pizza dough to his sons, Alex and his two brothers ventured into the business themselves. Now at Bella Maria’s, Alex and his two sons work together to create fresh dough and sauces daily.

Bella Maria Tomato Pies offers a large selection of pies, strombolis, pastas, and more Italian specialties. Being a family tribute to Alex’s daughter Maria and his father “Maestro Pizzaiolo” Carmen, the taste of Bella Maria Tomato Pies offers an authentic experience for your tastebuds and your heart.