Franklin Ice Cream Bar’s Dipped Chocolate Bar

The bar for your sweet tooth

June 29, 2019

Credit: Franklin Ice Cream Bar Facebook Page

On Sunday, July 14th  at the Casino at Delaware Park, you’re invited to indulge in samples of the region's finest chocolate dishes and to vote for your favorite. One chocolate purveyor will emerge as the Quest For The Best champion.  Let’s meet one of our finalists, Franklin Ice Cream Bar and their dish, dipped chocolate ice cream bars.

Trying to figure out which bar to head out to on Friday night? While alcoholic drinks of the sorts may not be served, Franklin Ice Cream Bar of Olde City provides a variety of ice cream flavors everyone can enjoy! Featuring unique flavors including hydrox cookie, whirly berley, and non-dairy flavors, Franklin’s provides scoops that satisfy. Of course, one can’t go wrong with ice cream on a stick. Which is why their ice cream bars are a ‘go to’.

Create your own bar with your base of either chocolate or vanilla ice cream, followed by a hardening dip of milk or dark chocolate, and let your imagination run free with their endless toppings to choose from. Who knew the keystone shape representing the keystone state could look so delicious?

Franklin Ice Cream Bar launched in 2006. Now 13 years later, their story of Keystone Bars dipped in bean-to-bar chocolate continues to prosper and fulfill one’s appetite- one lick at a time. By staying cool, thanks to their cool flavors, it’s no wonder why Franklin Ice Cream Bar is a finalist in this year’s Quest For The Best event.

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