Thrift Shopping For Your Derby Look

"Hey Macklemore, Can We Go Thrift Shopping?"

April 1, 2019

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Thrift stores are like a box of chocolate, you never know what you’re gonna get! Let’s face it, dressing designer for Derby’s can be expensive! With Down & Derby Wine Festival around the corner on May 4th, budgeting for the right outfit can be tough. But where there’s a will, there’s a neigh (as the horses would say); which means you can find your ‘fit at an affordable price! Here are a few thrift shopping sites to help you dress baller on a budget.

1. Buffalo Exchange

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Located on 1520 Chestnut Street in Philadelphia, Buffalo Exchange may not sell buffalos but you can get a bang for your buck. Reselling statement fashion pieces from heels to hats, this Philadelphia staple may just have that designer Derby dress you’re looking for at an affordable price. Be sure to check it out!

2. 2nd Ave Value Store/Village Thrift Store

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From Philadelphia, PA to Pennsauken, NJ, the dually named 2nd Ave Value Store/Village Thrift Store is always packed with a variety of hats, clothing, and shoes to choose from. The best part is, inventory is always changing. With faux flowers in the craft section and what was someone’s pink bowler, could combine to the perfect homemade combo for your Derby headwear! Be sure to stop by, especially Sunday’s, Monday’s and Thursday’s.

3. Goodwill 

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With three Goodwill thrift stores in the Philadelphia area, there are endless opportunities to find your bowler or blazer Derby attire. Not only are there countless physical sites, but Goodwill also has a shoppable website! Don’t have time to sit in traffic to rifle through clothing? Goodwill makes thrifting easy and affordable offering items like floral dresses and more for only 1 cent shipping.

4. TheRealReal

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Featuring designer pieces at an affordable prices, TheRealReal online consignment store is the real deal. Need Gucci loafers to complete your pant suit ensemble? TheRealReal has you covered.

5. Everything But The House

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Letting the name speak for itself, Everything But The House might just fulfill the entirety of your outfit for your Derby Day outing. Ship fedoras and footwear to your very own doorstep for a thrifty price without wasting time to rifle through clothing in person. Let Everything But The House be everything you need delivered to your house.

Be sure to check out one of these sites to gather your Derby attire before May 4th!