Top 5 Bowtie Looks

Dressing Dapper From Head To Toe, Don't Forget In Between

April 1, 2019

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May the force be with you to properly tie your bowtie at the one and only Down & Derby Wine Festival taking place May fourth at Cooper River! We know that hats are a staple piece when attending the Derby to stand out in the crowd, but attention to detail in your tie of choice is just as important! That being said, here are five of our top bowtie looks.

1. Vineyard Vines: Mint Julep

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According to the Kentucky Derby’s official website, Vineyard Vines is the Derby’s official style! With options from head to toe, they prove their point in between with their Mint Julep bow tie. Featuring a mint green base color and art of the iconic drink, you can’t go wrong with this festive fashion piece.

2. Peake Ties: Derby Festival and Saddle Blanket Bow Tie

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Known as the official bow tie carrier of the 2018 Kentucky Derby, Peake Ties truly tie-d the knot with their dedication to the show by recreating a riding scene and featuring a paisley pattern all in one! Known as the ‘Derby Festival and Saddle Blanket Bow Tie’, this tie is one of the many equestrian themed ties Peake has to offer!

3. The Tie Bar: Floral

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With over fifty bow ties to choose from, The Tie Bar offers their endless variety of patterns. To emphasize April showers bringing May flowers, what could be better than daisy and duke florals to show your Spring pride?

4. Country Club Prep: Pastel Plaid

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What could be better to pair with your salmon pink blazer than a pastel plaid bow tie from Country Club Prep! There are endless combinations of vibrant colors from lime green to pastel blue in order to complete your ensemble.

5. Gentleman's Gazette: Classic Black

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Can’t color coordinate to your periwinkle pantsuit? No worries. While vibrant colors are the name of the game for the Derby, not all of your fashion pieces have to abide. Classic black bowties are perfect pieces to help complete your dapper Derby dress attire whether you’re planning to wear a simple black tux, or if you just can’t find the right shade of teal to match your blazer.

With about a month to go, be sure to grab your bowtie in time for Down & Derby Wine Festival!