100th Installment of NOW That's What I Call Music Out Now!

And apparently, it's the fastest-selling album of 2018.

July 27, 2018

So, not to make you feel old...but we're apparently up to NOW That's What I Call Music 100.

That's right.  100.  There have been 100 installments of this hugely popular series, spanning 35 years and countless, countless hits.

And what's more, it's doing really, really well. 

It landed straight at Number 1 on the Official Compilation Albums Chart, and sold 176,000 copies this week alone, making it the fastest-selling album of 2018.

(Well, not a surprise that it's Number 1, you must be thinking.  But what's Number 2?  Funny you should ask.  It's the original NOW 1 album, re-released on CD this week.)

NOW That's What I Call Music 100 features the latest hits of the day, as its counterparts have done, as well as a number of the most popular tracks from its entire history, since Now 1 was released in 1983.  You can see a full list of songs HERE.  

And, finally, a little piece of Now knowledge for you.  Apparently, the opening track of every NOW album is meant to reflect the biggest single of its period.  Didn't know that, BRB, we're off to check the first track on 100 NOW That's What I Call Music CDs.

You can pick up the album HERE.