40 Foot Whale Built From Plastic Bottles Makes Statement About Waste

The work of art has been erected in Belgium, concerning the plastic waste crisis threatening the globe.

July 11, 2018

A 40 foot sculpture of a whale breaching was recently installed at the Bruges Triennial in Belgium.  The piece is made out of five tons of plastic waste recovered from the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.  It serves to raise awareness as to the ongoing problem of plastic waste infesting our oceans.

Marine life is routinely threatened by our plastic garbage, including six-pack rings, plastic bags, and disposable straws.  Recent videos and images of ocean creatures entangled in plastic have gone viral, while many news stories have focused on the death of animals which have consumed plastic waste in the water.

The 1Thing Initiative exists to address problems exactly like these, to promote environmental sustainability and raise awareness as to the care we should be providing our environment.  You can made a difference with reusable totes instead of plastic bags, by eliminating your use of plastic straws, and, of course, investing in a resuable container instead of purchasing plastic water bottles.

Together, we can all repair this planet, and together, we can enjoy what we have accomplished with just 1 Thing.