Carson Wentz Food Truck to Feed Philadelphia's Underprivileged...for Free

We already know what kind of a man Carson Wentz is...but that doesn't stop him from showing us again and again.

June 4, 2018

So, before we begin, let's all take a moment to send healing vibes to our favorite side-lined quarterback's ACL.

Everyone done?


Now, in other Carson Wentz news, he's doing something amazing and remarkable and selfless again, and we feel that deserves some recognition.

Namely, Carson is launching a new initiative in Philly through his AO1 Foundation... a food truck to serve the lower income populations, who may suffer from food insecurity.  Even better?  It'll be free.

And, let's be clear here.  Carson is feeding people who need food, and he's doing it with dignity...we're talking Chick-Fil-A and homemade favorites and nutritional staples, all, as the Foundation puts it, "to "freely distribute food and...share the gospel of Jesus Christ."  The truck and its work are being blueprinted "Thy Kingdom Crumb", and are launching this fall in partnership with Wentz's New Jersey church, Connect in Cherry Hill.  

The 25-foot green truck that will be used for the program made its first appearance at Citizens Bank Park during the third inning of Carson Wentz's inaugural charity softball game through AO1 last Friday.

Lest his other good deeds go unacknowledged, however, let's not forget that this move is coming right on the heels of Wentz pledging up to $500,000 for the construction of a sports complex in Haiti, where he and his foundation have been serving communities in need.

Carson, you put the love in "City of Brotherly Love", and we are honored to have you as the face of the compassion which truly rests at the foundation of this city.  All of us support you, because you support all of us.

Now...go sit down or something, you need the rest that knee.