Do you find the pharmaceutical hold music to be infuriating? You're not alone.

July 26, 2018

Ok, maybe the nation isn't exactly divided.  

But there are two distinct camps in this argument, and people are feeling VERY STRONGLY ABOUT IT.  So strongly that a petition now exists concerning the matter, so you know that someone has gotten really riled up.

Here's the scoop.

Back in May, Harvard psychiatrist Steven Schlozman penned an open letter to CVS regarding their hold music...that is, the music that plays while you're on the phone, waiting for the pharmacist or another associate.  YOU know the one...piano, tinkly, seemingly inoffensive until you've listened to it for awhile?  Yeah, that music.

“What they’re playing is supposed to soothe you, but after the three billionth time it’s particularly unsoothing,” Dr. Schlozman has said.

Now, there is a Wall Street Journal investigation underfoot, determined to uncover why that particular tune was selected, how people react to it, and, if you're of the camp that feels it is impossible to listen to minute after to do something about it.  

What we know for sure is that the song has been played by thousands of CVS stores for almost two decades, so it has a bit of a history.  We know some people find it melodic, while others, like Dr. Schlozman, find it a bit enraging in its lack of production quality and repetition.  

So, if you, like many others, want to see some CHANGE...then head over to the petition to get CVS to change their hold music.  As of this writing, it's 124 signatures, I think it's fair to say, change might be in the air.