Delaware Man to Compete on American Ninja Warrior after Being Struck by an SUV

D'Angelo Lewis-Harris was personally invited to audition after months of recovery!

June 25, 2018

American Ninja Warrior-style obstacle courses are all the rage on TWO continents now!  The American version, based on the Japanese gameshow "Sasuke" from the late 90s, has been a staple for fans since its early days on G4 in 2009.  The show switched to NBC in its fourth season, and the tenth season is currently broadcast on Monday nights.

And a local man might be the one to take home the $100,000 prize!

From Wilmington, Delaware, D'Angelo Lewis-Harris is a prevention specialist and a father.  What is extraordinary is that he is competing less than a year removed from a near-death experience.

While running on the shoulder of Market Street last year, he was struck by an SUV from behind traveling 45 mph.  "I thought I was paralyzed," he said.  "My whole left side of my body was numb."

With broken bones and damaged tendons, D'Angelo underwent months and months of therapy and recovery in the gym.  Slowly, he got back into full fighting form.  And, after competing in a California calisthenic competition last fall, "America Ninja Warrior" reached out to him in an e-mail, asking him to apply for the show!  

Only 125 contestants out of 70,000 hopefuls make it to compete, and even fewer make it on air.

However, rest assured that you'll be seeing D'Angelo on tonight's episode, which was filmed last month in Port Richmond.  And is there any rumor going around about how D'Angelo did on the course?

Not a one.  He's been tight-lipped, as he is contractually-obligated to be, but did have this to say:

"I knew how strenuous the course was and the depths of my injuries. It was a win for me just to be able to step on that course and have my kids beside me."