Five Reasons We're Glad Post Malone Landed Safely

Post Malone dodged a bullet yesterday, so here are all the reasons we're super happy he did.

August 22, 2018

© Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Post Malone had an exciting day yesterday, what with his plane's emergency landing in New York en route to London after taking off in New Jersey.  

Prior to making the emergency landing, the pilot was forced to circle for hours to burn off excess fuel.  The logic behind that is to minimize the amount of fuel that would BURN AND EXPLODE if the plane crash landed, and that is a HEAVY concept to grasp when you're aboard the plane in question.

Hence, Post Malone dodged a bullet, and we are grateful.  Why?  Well, here are five reasons we feel that way!

  1. We respect his taste in beverages.  After safely landing and emerging from the plane, the rapper expressed his gratitude for the crew and the well-wishes from fans, also mentioning, "“I need a beer, and I need some wine. At the same time, mixed together.”
  2. He doesn't let the haters get him down.  Shockingly...or not so shockingly...Twitter responded to the emergency situation, and not all users were as supportive as you would hope they would be, given the situation.  Post tweeted, “I landed guys. thank you for your prayers.  can’t believe how many people wished death on me on this website."  But he bounced right back, telling TMZ his advice after the encounter is to, "Live your life.  Get it on." 
  3. Post has a serious commitment to ink.  Out of all of Post's tattoos...and, trust us, there's a lot...our favorite has to be the tat of US President John F. Kennedy.  THAT is an homage to history in tattoo form that we can applaud.
  4. His respect for the greats.  Apparently, Post has great taste in musical mentors, too.  He's evidently a huge fan of Nobel-Prize-Winning singer/songwriter Bob Dylan, with a tattoo in honor of THAT particular genius as well.
  5. He gets right back on the horse.  As TMZ reported, Post had been on his way to London Luton Airport in England.  He scheduled to perform at the Reading Festival on Friday, August 24, and the Leeds Festival on Saturday, August 25.  So what did he do after his plane narrowly avoided crash-landing?  He got right back on another flight.  His opinion on the matter?  “I hate ****ing flying."

So do we, Post Malone.  So do we.  So glad the disaster was averted, and live it up in England!