The Flippy Board at Amtrak's 30th Street Station Might Not Be Going Away!!!

Thanks to some Congressional intervention, the iconic board might be here to stay!

December 12, 2018

When Amtrak announed it would be replaing its Solari board with a more modern, digital version, the local outcry was outrage.

The flip board is a piece of Philadelphia history, and is one of the only ones left in the country.  Commuters took to social media to lament the end of an era, and it seemed technology would continue its relentless march forward in the halls of Amtrak's 30th Street Station.

But now...a ray of hope!

It was reported this morning that Representative Brendan Boyle may have thrown some of his considerable influence around.  According to KYW, Amtrak CEO Richard Anderson told Rep. Brendan Boyle during a lengthy discussion that the passenger railroad service may reconsider its plan to replace it with a modern, digital screen.

According to Boyle, ""I made the point that removing the sign was an example of the saying 'penny wise and pound foolish' — that Amtrak would lose so much goodwill by removing the sign, that whatever money you save was not worth it."

We think a lot of Philadelphia would probably agree with that statement.  Here's hoping the Solari board is here to stay for the next generation!